Chronic Pain Sufferers Have More Options Than Ever

Success in Treating Chronic Pain with H‑Wave Discussed in Healthcare Book: ‘Validate Your Pain’

If you’ve ever felt like relief was nowhere in sight for your chronic pain, you’re not alone. Many chronic pain sufferers live day-to-day in silent desperation, feeling hopeless for a solution or drowning in pain medications that carry their own heavy weight of harmful side effects. While there are many treatments out there for chronic pain management, some of them and their effectiveness are not as well known, or recommended as often as pain medications.  CHRONIC PAIN-VALIDATE YOUR PAIN

Thankfully, two doctors came together to address the issues surrounding chronic pain and provide much needed information in order to educate chronic pain sufferers about the options available. These two doctors are Allan Chino, Ph.D., ABPP Certified in Clinical Health Psychology, an


d Corrine Dille Davis, M.D., ABPMR Certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and their book is: Validate Your Pain! Exposing the Chronic Pain Cover-Up. In this book, they delve into the problems of how the healthcare system treats chronic pain sufferers and identify effective treatments to help these patients, based on patient feedback and practitioner reports.

One of these treatments highlighted within the book is H‑Wave. The authors distinguish H‑Wave therapy as a unique type of electrical stimulation with effective results in managing acute and chronic pain conditions as well as success in improving local blood circulation. H‑Wave stands out from other e-stimulators by utilizing a different patented waveform which creates longer-lasting effects; and it offers both high and low frequency settings, unlike most other e-stim devices. The book notes that patients get an “optimum benefit” when they combine the dual functionality of these two settings.

The high frequency setting produces an analgesic effect so potent, that it’s cleared by the FDA. The low setting produces therapeutic, non-fatiguing muscle contractions which increase blood flow and circulation as well as enhance lymphatic drainage, which further “aides the evacuation of pain-producing peptides.”

Additionally, the book cites practitioners’ reports that show that patients using H‑Wave had fewer costly visits to the emergency room and reduced the amount of narcotics taken to manage their chronic pain. One study examined the continued use of H‑Wave over a prolonged period of time and the results strongly suggest long-term benefit.
So if you are a chronic pain sufferer who is looking for some recognition that your pain IS serious, as well as learn about effective drug-free treatment options, like the advanced technology of H‑Wave, we suggest you take a look at this book: Validate Your Pain! Exposing the Chronic Pain Cover-Up.

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