To continue helping those suffering at home, H-Wave is providing direct-to-patient delivery and one-on-one virtual instruction.

About Us

Electronic Waveform Lab, Inc. (EWL) is the sole developer and manufacturer of the H-Wave® device. In 1981 EWL introduced this completely unique technology and discovered unmatched success in rehabilitation and pain control. Since that time H-Wave has built its reputation as one of the most innovative and effective rehabilitative treatments in the industry. We are dedicated to keeping the finest professional athletes in the game by improving the quality of recovery while managing pain from injuries and overuse; and committed to reducing, the chronic pain of thousands of patients while increasing rehabilitative benefits.

Electronic Waveform Lab is a privately held corporation that has been owned and operated by the same family since it was founded in 1981. The company began in Southern California and has remained true to its roots with the corporate offices still there in Huntington Beach today; however the company’s distribution spans the entire United States. We are proud to be an “American-made” company since all manufacturing, repairs, research & development, customer service and support, and business operations are done in-house. As a veteran-owned business, we are also proud to be able to provide our products and services to help improve the quality of life for those that have served our country.

Our products are used by Doctors, Physical Therapists, Professional Trainers, and Patients in clinics and at home throughout the United States. Though the unique technology of the H-Wave is unmatched, we at EWL realize that the best product in the world has no value without the proper levels of instruction and service. We provide complimentary on-going education and support to ensure continuous benefits and positive results. This is why EWL prides itself on personal attention to each patient, client and provider. We want everyone to feel that they’re valued as part of the H-Wave family.

Mission Statement:

Providing hope and tools to live a better life.

Research and Additional Applications:

EWL is dedicated to continuous growth and development to remain a leader within the healthcare industry. Our past research has laid the foundation of support for our evidence-based treatment. We have partnered with many elite universities across the nation to conduct studies which verify the efficacy of our technology. Many of these studies have been published and indexed by PubMed and MEDLINE, reviewing H-Wave’s success in (but not limited to):

  • Pain Control
  • Medication Reduction
  • Functional Improvement
  • Post-Operative Range of Motion
  • Circulation, Vasodilation & Angiogenesis

In addition to this research, H-Wave has also had other achievements in the oral healthcare industry. H-Wave is FDA cleared as an effective treatment for the symptoms of TMJ (temporomandibular joint dysfunction); and through unique applications has been FDA cleared as anesthesia for many general dental procedures.See Video Here