To continue helping those suffering at home, H-Wave is providing direct-to-patient delivery and one-on-one virtual instruction.

Enhance Your Clinical Results

Eliminate Pain & Restore Function

H-Wave gives you a new option for treating soft tissue injuries and chronic pain. This scientifically proven, drug-free alternative not only relieves pain but also helps patients achieve long-lasting, rehabilitative benefits. Used by itself or in conjunction with an exercise program, H-Wave can put your patients on the fast-track to recovery.

H-Wave’s® Unique Technology Sets It Apart From Other Modalities & Traditional Therapy Treatments

Don’t confuse H-Wave with traditional e-stim

H-Wave is rehabilitative and achieves cumulative, long-lasting relief and benefits from a 30-minute treatment. Unlike TENS, which stops working once the pads are off, or EMS, which focuses on muscle re-education, H-Wave delivers rehabilitative benefits and pain relief by targeting the root cause of symptoms.

Many patients will benefit even more from using H-Wave at home. H-Wave gets rid of the obstacles faced in therapy (pain, swelling, spasm), allowing patients to focus on their active rehabilitation1.

It’s time to rethink RICE: The benefits of active recovery

RICE (Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation) has long been a standard for rehabilitating injuries and recuperating from trauma, but now, even Gabe Mirkin, the doctor who coined the phrase almost 40 years ago, is recommending a new protocol.
According to Mirkin:

  • Rest and ice can actually delay recovery2
  • Application of cold suppresses the immune responses that start and hasten recovery2
  • Mild movement helps tissue to heal faster2

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H-Wave® Is Already Used In Hundreds Of Physical Therapy Clinics & Training Rooms Nationwide

For More Than 30 Years, Top Athletes And Trainers Have Trusted H-Wave. Our Elite Clientele Includes Over 70 Professional Teams As Well As Olympic Champions

"We have been utilizing the H-Wave over the past five years and have had outstanding success…We have had excellent results in both acute and chronic type injuries…"

Jim McCrossin, MS, ATC, CSCS
Head Athletic Trainer and Strength and Conditioning Coach, Philadelphia Flyers

"Of all the electro-modalities we have at our disposal, we seem to have the best results with the most people for the longest time using H-Wave."

Gary Vitti, MS, ATC
Head Athletic Trainer Los Angeles Lakers

"I have been using the H-Wave device for the past 17 years. It’s my modality of choice…You see the functional improvements immediately after use; you can actually see change occur after treatment."

Arnie Kander, PT
Strength and Conditioning Coach Detroit Pistons

Field-Tested And Clinically Proven

The Science Behind H-Wave Supported By Research

  • 79% of H-Wave users reported functional improvements that made it possible to return to activities such as walking, ifting, and sleeping1
  • 78% of H-Wave users reported significant pain relief1
  • 65% of users were able to reduce or completely eliminate the need for pain medicine1

Unique Technology That Naturally Speeds Up The Rehabilitation Process And Manages Pain

With two different treatment modes, H-Wave can be used during multiple phases of injury and recovery.


Unblocking the pathway to recovery

The H-Wave device delivers a non-fatiguing current that promotes injury recovery and rehabilitation by inducing contractions that result in interstitial fluid shifts.

  • Activates muscles to stimulate circulation, bringing in nutrients and assisting with recovery3
  • Promotes faster recovery by triggering the lymphatic system to flush out waste and congestion3
  • Promotes angiogenesis3


Breaking the chronic pain cycle

In high-frequency mode, H-Wave is believed to work by affecting the function of the sodium pump within the nerve and thereby creating a profound anesthetic/analgesic effect. Unlike TENS, these benefits last long after the device is taken off. Only a 30-60 minute session is needed for hours of relief. The pain relief is so potent that the FDA has cleared the technology for use as dental anesthesia.

Millions of Patients Already Know About the Power of H-Wave®:

"Using the H-Wave has literally changed my life for the better, and I couldn’t imagine my life without it now."

Home Patient
Back Condition, Malvern, PA

"I couldn’t walk before I got the H-Wave unit, and I am singing praises to it now. The H-Wave actually got me back to ice skating and rollerblading again after only four months of using it."

Home Patient
Foot and Ankle Conditions, Claymont, DE

"My H-Wave helped me go back to work. This unit is amazing. It also got me off my pain medications that I was taking for four years."

Home Patient
Back Condition, Citrus Heights, CA
How Can H-Wave® Compliment Your Current Physical Therapy Practice?
  • Provide safe, non-addictive pain relief without harmful side-effects
  • May reduce or eliminate the need for pain medication
  • Speed recovery and help restore function
  • Make physical therapy more productive
  • Return patients to work faster
  • Easy and convenient for staff and patients to use
  • Available to patients 24/7 outside of normal clinic hours
  • A drug-free option for treating post-operative patients

Keep Your Patients Motivated And Compliant With Home H-Wave®

Consistent H-Wave use at home can make your patients’ therapy at your clinic more productive. Additionally, H-Wave has been found to reduce the need for medications that can inhibit patient motivation.


The Prescription

If your patients’ doctor determines that electrotherapy is right for them, he or she will write an order for an H-Wave device. We take it from there, handling all paperwork and insurance authorizations.


Customized Treatment
And Support

An H-Wave consultant will meet with your patient to create a personalized plan and make sure they are comfortable using the system.


The Results

Most users report reduced pain, functional improvements, and reduced need for pain medication.

If you’re treating veterans or Federal Supply Schedule customers that could benefit from home H-Wave, click here for more information

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