To continue helping those suffering at home, H-Wave is providing direct-to-patient delivery and one-on-one virtual instruction.

Jump-Start Your Recovery With H-Wave®

Chronic injuries can ruin your life, making you give up work and all the pastimes you love. Pain medications may temporarily relieve the pain, but they can also be dangerous, and even the most potent painkillers can’t rehabilitate your injury or restore your function and range of motion.

But H-Wave can

H-Wave is a unique, scientifically proven method for relieving pain and providing real rehabilitative benefits. Even if you’ve used electrical stim before, H-Wave is different. While TENS can temporarily mask pain, the relief doesn’t last. Every time you use H-Wave, you’re getting therapy for your injury.

Don’t Confuse H-Wave With Traditional E-Stim

H-Wave is rehabilitative and achieves cumulative, long-lasting relief and benefits from just a 30-minute treatment. Unlike TENS, which stops working once the pads are off, or EMS, which focuses on muscle re-education, H-Wave targets the root cause of symptoms by increasing blood circulation and lymphatic drainage, which is the basis for recovery and restoration of function.

The Science Behind H-Wave

The H-Wave generates a mild current that produces a comfortable, non-fatiguing muscle contraction. These contractions promote creation of new blood vessels that take necessary nutrients to the injured part of your body and help dispose of the “waste materials” that can keep you feeling sore, tight, and hurting.

It also generates a stronger current that provides hours of pain relief by disrupting the function of the sodium-potassium pump within the nerve, thereby creating a profound analgesic effect. With H-Wave you’re not only getting pain relief, you’re rehabilitating your injury, too.

H-Wave can even help speed up your recovery after surgery – CLICK HERE to learn more.

How It Works

With two different treatment modes, H-Wave can be used during multiple phases of injury and recovery


Active Rehabilitation to Unblock the Pathway to Recovery

This low-frequency mode contracts muscle fibers to promote blood flow, lymphatic circulation, and tissue rehabilitation for accelerated recovery.


Breaking the Chronic Pain Cycle

This high-frequency mode is designed to manage chronic, post-surgical, and post-traumatic pain by shutting down your pain signals within the nerve, providing lasting pain relief that is so effective that the FDA has cleared the H-Wave for use as dental anesthesia.

For More Than 30 Years, Top Athletes And Coaches Have Trusted H-Wave®

H-Wave has been used by hundreds of thousands of patients to relieve pain and speed recovery from an injury. Multiple articles have been published in scientific journals that prove the effectiveness of H-Wave stimulation. That’s why clinicians from more than 70 professional sports teams use H-Wave to treat their injured players. H-Wave is so effective and reliable that many professional athletes, teams, and trainers depend on our therapy to manage pain and maintain muscle health.

Athletes, Everyday people, And Top Doctors Praise H-Wave®

" We seem to have the best results with the most people for the longest time using H-Wave."

Gary Vitti, MS, ATC
Head Athletic Trainer,
Los Angeles Lakers

" We have been utilizing the H-Wave over the past five years, and have had outstanding success…We have had excellent results in both acute and chronic type injuries… "

Jim McCrossin, MS, ATC, CSCS
Head Athletic Trainer and Strength and
Conditioning Coach, Philadelphia Flyers

" Using the H-Wave has literally changed my life for the better, and I couldn’t imagine my life without it now."

Home Patient,
Back Condition
Malvern, PA

How Can H-Wave® Help You?

H-Wave is used to:
If your insurance doesn’t fully cover H-Wave, there are affordable options to fit your budget:
  • Monthly payment programs
  • Rent-to-own options
  • H-Wave TotalCare (fixed price) programs

Are You Ready To Try H-Wave®?

Getting started with Home H-Wave is easy. The Process:


The Prescription

If your doctor determines that electrotherapy is right for you, he or she will write an order for a Home H-Wave device. We take it from there, handling all paperwork and insurance authorizations.

No prescription? You can still experience drug-free pain relief with H-Wave OTC. Click Here


Customized Treatment And Support

An H-Wave consultant will meet with you to create a personalized plan and make sure you are comfortable using the system.


The Results

Most users report reduced pain, functional improvements, and reduced need for pain medication.

If you’re a Veteran or Federal Supply Schedule customer, click here to learn more on obtaining your home H-Wave

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Doctors trust H-Wave so much, they’ve prescribed it to millions of patients in clinics and hundreds of thousands for in-home use. H-Wave helped these patients get back to pain-free living. If your doctor recommends Home H-Wave and you’re not convinced after a month of use, just return the equipment and 100% of the charges will be refunded to you or your insurance carrier.