"This machine is amazing! When I use it regularly I have absolutely no pain. It helps me with keeping the stiffness and pain out of my neck, and the horrible muscle spasms that I have in my shoulder blade away.  This thing is a miracle worker! I don’t think I could function normally without it."

Paige White - Home H-Wave User

"I definitely will recommend the H-Wave! This unit has changed my life for good.  I feel more relaxed, I can sleep better, and also it has decreased my medication.  Overall I'm really happy with the H-Wave.  This unit is perfect for me."

Jose - Lower Back Condition

"I am so appreciative for the H-Wave machine.  It has alleviated a lot of my nerve pain which allows me to function physically at a greater capacity. I am forever grateful."

Home Patient - Nerve Damage

"H-Wave is better than taking pain medication daily. I still take pain medication but not as frequent because of your H-Wave machine!!  The H-Wave machine numbs my pain much faster than pain medication working through my system. I feel I'll need this machine for my lifetime!!"

Home Patient - Back, Hips & Right Shoulder Conditions

"It has been a God send for people who do not want to take medication to relieve pain and help restore normal function of my shoulder."

La'Ron- East Pointe, MI

""I just returned to work as a fire fighter 6 months after my shoulder surgery. Going from sedentary office work to heavy lifting and all the shoulder work my job entails has been rough despite 6 months of physical therapy and home exercises. The H-Wave helps me so much by providing lasting pain relief and I can use it after work or even at work during my down time. It is a life saver!""

Mary - Shoulder Condition - Belvidere, NJ

"This device has been amazing in REMOVING my pain on my road to feeling normal again!! I've recommended it to everyone in my profession that is currently being treated for a work related injury."

Richard - Pasadena, MD

"The first time this unit was shown to me and used on me, all I could think was "how could this possibly help". Then when I stood up after my first use, I said "This is unbelievable, pain was at zero!""

Home Patient - Lower Back Condition

"This device has allowed me to get a full nights sleep, I haven't had that in over 10 years. My wife states I am returning to the man she married. I was considering suicide the pain was so intense. NOT ANY MORE!!!"

Michael - Treating for Upper & Lower Extremities

"I continue to regularly use my H-Wave as an opioid replacement for pain relief. Recently I decided to use it just before bed for a little longer.  The nights I did so, I slept solidly through the night and woke up feeling pain-free & refreshed.  Almost 5 years ago, a neurosurgeon had stated my career as a firefighter was "over". Then I was prescribed my H-Wave unit. Thanks in large part to H-Wave, I am STILL working as a firefighter today!"

Brian - Spinal Nerve Condition. Gilroy, CA

"I am totally sold on this!  I love the combination of the high and low stimulus.  I was hopeful for my first treatment, but couldn't imagine it being this good!  I figured a couple hours relief tops . . . . but two days?  Not only was I pain free, but the swelling was gone and my foot was warmer too.  I haven't seen this in over 9 years!!  My activity level has increased and I haven't had to use a cane.  I can now see being able to do all the things I couldn’t do before because of limited motion and pain in both ankles.  This is an answer to a prayer."

Randi - Ankle Injury 9 years ago

"The pain is markedly improved - diminished with the use of H-Wave.  I can be more active and productive on a daily basis."

Barbara - Home H-Wave User

"I was inevitably facing surgery before I received this machine. The H-Wave controls my pain enough that surgery is no longer a factor."

Home Patient – Back Condition. Rancho Cucamonga, CA

"After using the H-Wave I am able to work for the full eight hours without my feet hurting. I no longer have to take pain medication since I started treating myself with this machine."

Edgardo – Foot Condition. Las Vegas, NV

"I have only had to take 1 pill a month. It is amazing how well this works, and I can now play outside with my son, which is the most important thing to me."

Home Patient – Neck and Elbow Condition. Santa Ana, CA

"Feeling less or no pain; has improved my mood and allowed me to do more with my sons. I used to avoid driving and doing extra shopping. I am only 36 and was feeling 76."

Sandra – Low Back Condition for 6 years. Hacienda Heights, CA

"I have never tried a form of therapy that gives me the reduction in swelling and pain relief that H-Wave has given me."

Home Patient – Knee Injury 8 years prior. Philadelphia, PA

"It seems that every year something new and "better" is introduced into the marketplace and we do try some of these modalities on our players. Interestingly, however, when we do try something else and then go back to the H-Wave, the majority of players seem to prefer the H-Wave current and feel that they get better results with that modality then the others we try on them. ... In conclusion, we are long time users of the H-Wave equipment and we continue to get superior results with it with our athletes."

J. Lindsy McLean – ATC, PT, Head Athletic Trainer, San Francisco 49ers

"From my experience, nothing beats H-Wave for pain relief, and relief of muscle spasm..."

Robert Schaefer M.A., A.T.C. – Head Athletic Trainer, Chicago Bulls

"The H-Wave has allowed me to get back to work. I am able to go through life having to take little or no pain medication."

Home Patient – Shoulder and Back Condition. Lompoc, CA

"Without the H-Wave I would not be able to work or walk. I am getting tremendous benefit from the use of this machine. I am going back to work shortly and I have been able to start going to the gym again."

Home Patient – Post Spinal Surgery. Concord, CA

"The H-Wave has been a god-send to me. I have had 11 operations on the same arm. I have had so many surgeries that I have gotten used to the pain medication and it does not really help anymore. When my doctor prescribed the H-Wave I was pessimistic at first; now I would recommend it to anyone with pain."

Home Patient – Elbow Condition for 3 years. Tustin, CA

"H-Wave has saved my life. I was so depressed I could not play with my kids and in tears.  This was a God send - after only 5 months using the H-Wave, I am healed from medication and surgery.  I'm now back to work when I thought I was disabled for ever.  Because of that, I'm now able to better provide for my family.  I can play with my kids now and have more quality time with my wife.  The H-Wave is the best thing my Country has ever given me.  Thank you so much - on a scale from 1 to 100, the H-Wave is 1,000 plus improvement."

Carlos, US Veteran - Lower Back Condition for 7 years. Bellflower, CA.

"I feel that the H-Wave has provided me with the best pain relief since my accident. Nothing else including medication has seemed to work as well."

Melissa – Low Back Condition. Astoria, NY

"I do medical billing for a living. That job requires me to sit for long periods of time. I do not think I would be able to work a 40 hour week without the H-Wave."

Julie – Low Back Condition for 4 years. Richmond, CA

"I'm doing really great. Have used my machine every day since the day I received it. Working every day. No problem climbing ladders, lifting boxes over and on my shoulder. Pain free. Best of all no medication of any kind."

Henry – Low Back Condition. Whittier, CA

"I have used your device on approximately 100 patients over the course of the past 18 months. I have personally thought it to be the single most effective modality in my arsenal."

Joseph DiGivonna – P.T., NovaCare Rehabilitation, Plymouth, MN

"In 26 years as a clinician I have used everything under the sun, I have never seen anything work better than H-Wave."

Bob Bacci, P.T. – Area Vice-President, NovaCare, Hanford, CA

"I'm a firefighter who was diagnosed with cervical radiculopathy after injuring myself during an auto extrication. I was taking pain pills twice a day when I was prescribed an H-Wave home unit.  After using it for one week, I am only using H-Wave as I have been medication-free for three days now. For the first time since my injury, I believe I will be able to return to work in the very near future. Thank you!!!!"

Brian - Radiculopathy. Gilroy, CA