Broken Ankle Treatment (Continued) & Other Factors for Healing Time | Dr. Kelly Starrett

Part Two of Two

Previously, Dr. Kelly Starrett of The Ready State, sat down with his daughter Caroline to review her recent broken ankle injury and what steps she was taking to stay ahead of the swelling, keep congestion down, and stay “moving” while her leg was immobilized.  He touched on concepts such as “movement without motion” and tools she’s currently using like the H-Wave.

In this second video, he briefly reviews the other factors they are taking into consideration in order to keep her post-injury healing at a maximum rate. As he always states, “there are no fast healers” – after an injury or surgery you can either heal at the maximum rate a human being can heal… or you heal slower.

After a broken ankle like in Caroline’s case, or any other traumatic injury or post-op recovery, using the H-Wave can help you stay at that maximum rate by increasing circulation and lymphatic drainage, preventing muscle atrophy while immobilized, and reducing or eliminating pain so you can keep moving as much as possible – motion is lotion after all.

In addition to utilizing H-Wave for her broken ankle, Caroline explains the focus she took on other factors such as:

  1. Nutrition: maxing out her protein intake, increasing her calcium and vitamin D intake, as well as upping her vitamin C in order to help with the collagen absorption.
  2. Bone healing time: at her age, her bones will probably take about 4-6 weeks to heal. Two weeks of immobilization, then start weight bearing slowly but continuously to get that maximum movement into the system without overloading it.
  3. Targeted workouts: strengthening her upper body with focused workouts and using BFR (blood flow restriction) to challenge her lower body without straining the tissues that are healing.
  4. Sleep: letting her body get enough rest to help max out that healing rate.

Watch the full video here:

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