DaisyBill Helps CA Work Comp Physicians Stay on Top of the Ever-Changing OMFS

We’re already one third of the way into 2022 and if you haven’t been staying on top of all the updates to the Official Medical Fee Schedule (OMFS) for workers compensation in California, then that could create potential headaches when it comes to billing and getting reimbursed for the services provided.

Luckily, DaisyBill makes it easy for California workers compensation physicians and office staff to stay on top of changes to the OMFS including reimbursement rate changes, fee changes, billing code updates and guidelines, and more. 

Check out some of these articles that DaisyBill published earlier this year to make sure you’re staying on top of the latest trends, regulations, and best practices:

Get ready for the new year with the 2022 OMFS Physician Fee Schedule Changes for CA Workers’ Comp. In summary, the changes include:

  1. It adopts a new California workers’ comp Conversion Factor
  2. adds 267 new procedure codes,
  3. alters the reimbursement calculation for two procedure codes, and
  4. deletes over a hundred existing procedure codes.

Read the full article here.

DWC announced early this year an update to the OMFS which “alters a crucial element of the formula for calculating reimbursement rates: the statewide Conversion Factor.” Read the full article here to learn how this Conversion Factor affects reimbursements for physician services this year.

DaisyBill makes it easy to remember the 2022 OMFS changes to the reimbursement updates by listing the increased rates and respective billing codes for California-specific procedure codes, in an easy to follow article here.

After the wake of the initial COVID-19 shut downs, the medical and health industry felt the hit very hard with all of the restrictions and new regulations.  It seemed like telehealth went from a “rare case” only  option to the actual only option.  Telehealth grew right alongside all other changes within the healthcare system and 2022 brings new changes as well.  DaisyBill took the most important rules regarding telehealth services, as well as a complete list of all currently recognized telehealth billing codes, and explains them in this article.

Learn more about the changes to non-facility reimbursement rates specifically for Evaluation and Management (E/M) services broken down by county within California based on the Geographic Practice Cost Indices (GPCI).  Check it out HERE.  And you can check out the same rate changes for facility reimbursements according to the same policies here.