Double Blind Post Operative Study Utilizing H‑Wave

H‑Wave Increases Range of Motion After Rotator Cuff Surgery

This is the first randomized double-blind placebo controlled prospective study that assessed the effects of H‑Wave device stimulation (HWDS) on range of motion and strength testing in patients who underwent rotator cuff reconstruction.  

Patients who received HWDS compared to Placebo demonstrated, on average, significantly improved range of motion. At 90 days post op those that utilized H‑Wave had 46.1% less loss of external rotation compared to those without H‑Wave. At 90 days post op those that used H‑Wave had 42.7% less loss of internal rotation compared to those without H‑Wave.

Albeit the small sample size, statistical analysis has shown that patients who have undergone rotator cuff reconstruction and used HWDS daily compared to Placebo (sham) post operatively, have benefited by increased range of motion and possibly strength.

BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders. 2009 Oct 29;10(1):132 PMID: 19874593