Fighting The Opioid Crisis with Alternative Treatments like H-Wave®

ABC NEWS / WKRN Channel 2 in Tennessee recently ran a featured story about the current Opioid Crisis that highlighted H-Wave® as an Alternative Treatment to prescription pain medications.  The reporter noted that the FDA has cleared indications for use of the H-Wave® device for chronic pain, and research studies have also been published proving the effectiveness of the technology for reducing pain.

The news segment featured the personal story and testimony of local Rutherford County Air Force Veteran: Peggy McGuire.  She expressed her frustration about having to rely on others to complete simple tasks because the pain was so intense that it was preventing her from doing her daily chores and errands.  After trying many other treatments and still not finding complete relief, she was “willing to try just about anything, but not opioids”.  That’s when she was introduced to the H-Wave® device by the Physical Therapist at her local VA Medical Center.

McGuire saw relief from her H-Wave® treatments in a week and a half, and found that she could do all of her daily tasks again.  Today, she no longer has to rely on others for help, and describes her experience as “almost just like a miracle has happened”.

The reporter also interviewed renowned physician, Dr. Hazelwood, MD who is board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.  He has prescribed the H-Wave® to many of his patients with chronic pain, and describes the physiological response that the H-Wave has on the body:

“It contracts the muscle, improves lymph flow, improves blood flow to the tissue, takes away the toxins in the tissue and regenerates new blood vessels.”

In Dr. Hazelwood’s experience, the best measure of efficacy of the device is that the narcotic usage of his patients was decreased, because their pain was decreased by H-Wave® treatments.

Just like any medical treatment, not everyone will have the same results, but your doctor can help determine if prescribing the H-Wave® can be right for you.