First Meta-Analysis on the H‑Wave Device is Published

H-Wave Device Peer-Reviewed For Efficacy in Pain Relief & Inflammation Reduction


A meta-analysis combines the results of several studies that address a set of related topics. Resulting overall averages can be considered meta-effects sizes, which are more powerful estimates of the true effect size than those derived in a single study. For this reason the medical community often relies on meta-analysis’ to more accurately evaluate the effectiveness of medical interventions.

In July 2008 Springer Healthcare Communications peer reviewed journal Advances in Therapy published an article entitled: The H‑Wave Device Is an Effective and Safe Non-Pharmacological Analgesic for Chronic Pain: a Meta-Analysis.  “This meta-analysis was conducted to systematically review the efficacy and safety of the H‑Wave (Electronic Waveform Lab, Inc, Huntington Beach, CA USA) device and programme as a non-pharmacological analgesic treatment in chronic soft tissue inflammation and neuropathic pain.”


“The findings suggest that the H‑Wave device has moderate to strong effects in relieving pain, reducing the requirement for pain medication, and improving functionality in patients with chronic soft tissue inflammation and neuropathic pain, and that these effects are significant across all analyzed studies.” “The most robust effect was observed for improved functionality, suggesting that the H‑Wave device may facilitate a quicker return to work and other related daily activities.”

Springer Healthcare Communications. Advances in Therapy. July 2008. V25. N7