H-Wave Included In Recovery Regimen For Pro‑Athletes

Men’s Journal Article Explains How H‑Wave Helps Veteran Pro Athletes Stay In the Game

Last month, Men’s Journal included an article in their ‘Health & Fitness’ section  titled: “Aged To Perfection” which highlights some of the key practices that players have implemented in order to play longer, recover better, and stay an active member on the team long after the traditional “retirement age” in professional sports.

As a result, many “older” players are not only staying on roster, but some are even leading their teams to championships.  As seen in this chart from the article, the number of players over the age of 35 has increased significantly in the 30 years since 1982.

How are these pro athletes managing this “Aged to Perfection” status?  They follow a number of routines to keep their mind and body healthy including:

1. Increased Muscle Training with Weight Lifting

Aging pro athletes lessen their risk of injury by increasing strength and maintaining muscle mass.

2. Adjusting Their Diets to Maintain Better Metabolic Rates

This can lead to reduced bloating & fatigue as well as better sleep and more energy.

3. They Maximize Their Recovery

The article states that:

“Any trainer will tell you that the biggest challenge for older athletes is bouncing back from workouts and games.”

That’s why Steve Smith of the Baltimore Ravens says he has a regimen that includes acupuncture and compression treatment, as well as:

“a steam shower at home, and an H‑Wave machine that helps stimulate and put blood flow to the muscle without physically activating it.”

In fact, Steve Smith’s trainer encourages clients to budget for rehabilitative treatment like yoga & soft-tissue therapy for the same amount of time as their intense training sessions.

4. They Spare No Expense

Many pro athletes have the ability to spend more on expensive treatments, even if they’re delivered an ocean away.

5. They Play Smarter, Not Harder

They focus their talents in more specific ways in order to maximize their time, energy and motivation.

You can read the full article here.

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