“The Physician and Sportsmedicine” Journal Highlights H‑Wave’s MOA

Published Article Explains H‑Wave’s Blood Flow & Circulation Benefits in Sports Injuries

The Physician and Sports Medicine Journal has published an article entitled:

The H‑Wave Device Induces NO Dependent Augmented Microcirculation and Angiogenesis, Providing Both Analgesia and Tissue Healing in Sports Injuries.

The articles reviews a number of H‑Wave studies including recently completed research on the mechansisms of this intervention. The aim of a number of animal studies conducted at Wake Forest University School of Medicine was to directly assess striated muscle microvascular responses to H‑Wave (HWDS).

H‑Wave device stimulation resulted in significant arteriolar vasodilation, which suggests that this treatment modality is associated with significant increases in striated muscle perfusion. In addition, the effect of repeated stimulation over a 3-week period on hind limb blood flow was also assessed. H‑Wave device stimulation of the conditioned hind limb elicited an average 247% increase in limb blood flow above resting conditions.



Subsequent analysis of the conditioned hind limb for the production of new vessels resulted in a demonstrable increase in new blood vessels proving angiogenesis in the region.

The authors hypothesized that because of these innate properties, it may provide a paradigm shift for the treatment of both short and long term inflammatory conditions associated with pain.

The Physician and Sports Medicine. Volume 36. Number 1. December 2008. ISSN 0091-3847.