H-Wave Home Therapy Package

A Complete Pain Relief & Therapy Program To Do At Home

Save over $1,000 with this complete package that includes:

  • The H-Wave OTC device
  • 1 Year of Virtual Mobility Coaching with Kelly Starrett, DPT
  • 1 FREE foam roller
  • 2 FREE lacrosse balls
  • To access everything listed above simply purchase the H-Wave OTC Program best suited for your needs and enter the promo code HWpackage35 during checkout
at-home pain relief treatment

Many people have experienced the drug-free, on-demand pain relief and lasting rehabilitative benefits of the H-Wave device.  These results have been confirmed by peer-reviewed published research studies showing that:

  • 79% of H-Wave users reported functional improvements
  • 78% of users reported significant pain reduction
  • 65% of users reduced or eliminated the need for pain medication

In addition to the amazing results you can expect from utilizing the H-Wave device and the one-on-one personalized treatment development and instruction; H-Wave is now offering access to premium Virtual Mobility Coaching by renowned coach and DPT, Dr. Kelly Starrett, founder of The Ready State (TRS)

For over a decade, Kelly Starrett has provided movement and mobility coaching to players in the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, Olympic gold medalists, and elite athletes, as well as thousands of everyday people striving for their best health and fitness goals.  He’s now offering access to this highly sought-after training through his online TRS Virtual Mobility Coach (VMC) program:

DPT Kelly Starrett virtual mobility coach

H-Wave’s Home Therapy Package

Includes everything you’d normally receive with the purchase of an H‑Wave OTC device as well as one full year of access to Dr. Kelly Starrett’s premium Virtual Mobility Coaching – that includes over 100 personalized videos for mobilization and pain relief!!

(iPad not included in Home Therapy Package)

With this package, you’re also eligible for a 25% discount off the listed price of the H-Wave Program of your choice.  And to help you with your at-home coaching sessions, we’re including the following mobility tools you can use in your daily VMC exercises:

  • 1 FREE foam roller
  • 2 FREE lacrosse balls

So with this package, you get the H-Wave OTC device, personalized one-on-one instruction and treatment protocol development on how to utilize the device, online coaching sessions with Dr. Kelly Starrett, equipment to assist you with those sessions, and a discount off the retail price of the H‑Wave program of your choice.

To access everything listed above simply purchase the H-Wave Program best suited for your needs and enter the promo code HWpackage35 during checkout (up to $1,700 in savings).

Relieve pain and get back to function faster with the H-Wave Home Therapy & Virtual Mobility Package. 

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