How H-Wave Gave A Young Veteran Hope Again

After injuring his back while on duty overseas, this young veteran experienced debilitating back pain that resulted in multiple ER visits and an assortment of pain treatments.  After having injections in his back and a plethora of pain medications, he still couldn’t achieve significant pain relief.  He felt hopeless at the thought of ever living a normal life again or being able to pick up or play with his kids.

At only 25 years old, Carlos couldn’t even bend down to pick something up off of the floor because of his back pain. That’s when his VA doctor recommended H-Wave.

At first he thought it was “just another TENS unit” but quickly realized that H-Wave is nothing like a TENS, when his pain went from a 10 down to a 3 within the first 30 minutes of treatment, and stayed at a 3 long after the device was turned off.  After regular use of the H-Wave his pain is now at a zero, and he can confidently say that the H-Wave device has:

“completely taken all my pain away!”

Without the constant, debilitating back pain, Carlos now feels like he has another chance at life.  Friends and family even notice how much happier he is.  He’s getting back to life by being more social and has even started exercising again – one of his true passions before he was injured.

For this young veteran, H-Wave wasn’t just another pain treatment.  It was a new beginning.  It allowed him to expand his family with a new baby, and in his words:

“Gave me another chance in my life and gave me hope.”