Orthopedic Group Leaders Share the Biggest Hurdles They Face in 2022

orthopedic groups

As 2022 gets under way, orthopedic groups face many challenges this year.  While consolidation in orthopedics is not new, there are additional hurdles that these orthopedic groups face in the aftermath of COVID-19 including reduced reimbursements, staff shortages, and more.  Read what seven orthopedic group leaders had to say to Becker’s Spine Review regarding the obstacles they’re experiencing during this every-changing healthcare landscape.

Some of the challenges discussed include:

  • Building multidimensional physician leadership structures that emphasize governance design and organizational support
  • The migration of recent graduates hired as employees instead of starting their own private practices
  • Trying to aggregate partnership groups together, invest in themselves, and invest in their data in order to turn that information into actionable intelligence
  • Learning to navigate the rapidly changing healthcare environment
  • Managing the transition from fee-for-service to value-based care
  • Staying independent of major health systems and increasing income streams by developing ancillary practices

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