“Making Waves with H-Wave”

Our Experience with Southern California Hospice Foundation

Last month, our team members here at H-Wave had the great honor of being able to partner up with many different charitable organizations around Orange County. Our employees split up into teams and worked with 15 different organizations, trying to aid in their missions to help those in need.  One of these organizations was the Southern California Hospice Foundation.

Members of the SCHF visited the H-Wave office where our employees were assembling 60 “Bags of Love” to hand out to patients all over Orange County.  These bags were filled with blankets, hand sanitizers, lotions, Kleenex, pens, puzzles, playing cards and stuffed animals, and 100% donated by H‑Wave.  

Southern California Hospice Foundation

“Our whole business is based on this foundation that you have to be “all in” to really succeed, and it’s all about the passion for what we get to do,” said Ryan Heaney, CEO of H‑Wave.  That mindset and passion really blended well with the intentions and actions of that day. Being able to “send teams all over Orange County to help communities in need, is really going to start off the year 2020 for us in such high spirits,” he explained.

H-Wave team members expressed gratitude for being able to share the gifts with the patients and connect with them, even if just for a short time. “I’m appreciative that I got to meet some really beautiful souls today, that I’ll remember forever” said one H-Wave team member.

The ability to collaborate with this organization was a great way to say “Happy Holidays” and spread a little cheer to their patients.  “We’re incredibly excited to be able to give back to our own community that H‑Wave has been a part of for almost 40 years” added Sam Zehngut, H-Wave’s VP of Operations.  

As SCHF stated “it was a day filled with teamwork and love” to which H‑Wave would add “teamwork makes the dream work.”  You can see the video SCHF made to capture this experience below.  To learn about more ways you can help this organization, visit: https://www.socalhospicefoundation.org/ways-to-help/

Other Charitable Organizations

In addition to SCHF, H-Wave also partnered with the following amazing organizations – if you’d like to learn more about how you can get involved and help out with any of them, just click on the links below:

We look forward to being able to partner up with more organizations in the future to continue to bring hope and joy to the communities in Orange County.