A New Mental Fitness App Developed For Veterans

The VA and IBM team up to help support veterans transitioning to civilian life.

IBM recently partnered with the Veterans Affairs Department to develop a new mobile app aimed at helping veterans better understand and improve their mental fitness as well as their overall well-being.  The app, called “Get Results in Transition” was designed to help service members with the transition from active duty to civilian life. 

veteran mental health

It’s currently being tested in the field by volunteer participants.  The app utilizes artificial intelligence to gather info about the users and in return offer useful tips, tricks, insights and support tools to help better their mental health.

“The new neuroscience-based digital solution is the first instantiation of IBM’s THRIVE360° mental fitness platform that aims to provide people with new tools and resources to turn to for  times of tough transition.”

In 2016, IBM joined forces with the VA to develop a mobile solution powered by THRIVE, and in 2018 they collaborated with Total Brain to develop the mental health and fitness platform.  IBM’s long-term plan is to offer this technology to other agencies and organizations, but GRIT is the first user-based application developed from this technology. 

“At its core, the solution uses Total Brain’s technology to enhance users’ well-being and overall health from physical, mental, social and financial standpoints.”

VA mental fitness app

The app features four areas of focus to provide veterans with a comprehensive approach to assess their current mental fitness state and address any emotional, mental or skill-based issues that may arise in the transition process:

1 – Offers scientific assessments and personalized brain training

2 – Focuses on social connections and inter-personal relationships

3 – Focuses on job matching & employment

4 – A digital assistant and AI-enabled chatbot for general questions and specific resource suggestions

For those who “opt-in”, the app can even reach out to people in the user’s emotional support network when it senses that the user is approaching a downward emotional spiral.  

The ongoing field test is scheduled to last until November 8th, so if you know someone who would want to participate, they sign up here.  To learn more on this technology, you can read the full article here.


Just like IBM, H-Wave is a proud supporter of veterans and their health goals.  As a veteran-owned business, H-Wave is committed to helping veterans live the best life they can.  While IBM’s app focuses on the mental fitness of veterans transitioning to civilian life; H-Wave focuses on veterans’ physical well-being by providing a drug-free solution to combat chronic pain, as well as restore function.  Most veterans that use the H-Wave device report significantly reduced pain levels, positive functional improvements, and a reduced need for pain medication.

With less pain and increased activities of daily living, veterans can not only experience an improvement in their physical well-being, but in their mental state as well; and a more positive mental and emotional outlook can lead to an overall better quality of life.  To learn more about how H-Wave currently helps veterans, you can read more here.