New WorkCompCentral Webinar on 4/8/21

WCC Webinar


We are beginning to see a light at the end of the tunnel.  As vaccines become more available and are distributed, we all may feel more comfortable in securing the things we need.  For a segment of our population, the inability to access care has caused a delay in recovering from injuries and illnesses.  Recent studies suggest some individuals who are unable to secure elective surgeries have turned to opioids.  Deaths related to opioid abuse rose during the pandemic.

Learning Objectives:

This session will discuss:

  • COVID’s true impact on medical care and telemedicine
  • How delayed recovery has led to unintended consequences
  • What should individuals do now after vaccination?
  • Reasonable alternatives for those who will still be unable to adequately access care
  • What’s next from a casualty perspective as we slowly resume normalcy


Dr. Stephen Fisher – Medical Advisor, H-Wave
Dr. Stacy Fisher – Associate Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics, University of Maryland School of Medicine

Continuing Education: 0 Credit

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