The Next Generation of Health Tech

How new devices and technologies are paving the way for innovative healthcare

health tech, healthcare technology, healthcare appsThe world is undergoing a massive transformation all around us. From smartphones to smart cars, the impact that new technology is having on all aspects of our lives is tremendous. The transformation is so great that it may be years before we truly realize the effect it has had.

One of the areas where this impact has been visible, however, is in healthcare.  A new generation of innovation has taken the industry by storm. From healthcare apps to new care technology, the industry is changing by leaps and bounds with advanced health tech tools.

Here are just some of the ways that tech has impacted healthcare.

Wearable Health Trackers

It wasn’t long ago that the idea of wearing a device to track your health would have been seen as a burden. Now it’s basically a fashion statement. From the emergence of Fitbit to the similar products that followed; more people are tracking their daily activities and charting their health, weight, sleep cycles, heart rate and more.

Patient Scheduling Software

One of the more time consuming aspects of seeing a doctor is being made easier by cloud-based patient scheduling systems. These systems are capable of organizing the doctor’s schedule, managing patient appointments, and even sending reminders to the individuals in order to confirm.

Virtual and Augmented Reality

From training the next generation of healthcare providers to allowing doctors to accurately convey complex medical conditions to patients; virtual and augmented reality are going to be a large part of healthcare moving forward.

There’s An App For That

Not too long ago, if you had a healthcare question or needed some information, there was a doctor’s appointment for that. Now, there’s an app for that. Healthcare apps are on the rise. Providing everything from video consultations with specialists to prescription-based care from local physicians, healthcare apps are connecting patients with qualified professionals and changing the way we think about healthcare.

Alternative Therapies

With the ever-present threat of complications and harmful side effects of medications, there has been a marked rise in alternative care therapies, including in-home care solutions.  Practitioners and patients alike are searching for effective drug-free treatments that often take advantage of technology instead of invasive or drug-related treatments.

With the rising costs and uncertain future of healthcare in the United States, the path has been paved for innovative solutions for a number of conditions and symptoms.  With so many health tech tools available, patients should be able to have a better understanding of their conditions as well as monitor and maintain a healthy state of mind and body.


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