Post-Op Highlight: Using H-Wave After Spinal Surgery | Kelly Starrett, DPT

This short video quickly outlines the main benefits that H-Wave provides for post-op patients and why Kelly Starrett, DPT incorporates it into his patients’ treatment after spinal surgery.

High Frequency of H-Wave – helps manage and breakthrough the chronic and consistent pain that quickly develops right after surgery and throughout the recovery process.  By providing on-demand, drug-free pain relief, patients are able to get up and move around again while their brains may still be in threat mode after the trauma of surgery.

Additionally, after surgical trauma patients are trying to protect the tissues appropriately, but this hinders their ability to get the movement necessary in order to decongest that area at the same time.  So what ends up happening is they have a very protected site that is difficult to decongest as they’re trying to get back into simple movement like walking and other daily activities.

Low Frequency of H-Wave provides non-fatiguing muscles contractions which can provide movement throughout the affected area without damaging the tissues.  By creating thousands of non-fatiguing muscle contractions, this is getting a lot of non-threatening input back into the patient’s system and significantly helping to decongest those tissues.

By providing on-demand pain management and allowing the spine area to decongest without the strain of excessive movement, H-Wave helps post-op patients after spine surgery return to function so they can get back to their daily lives and daily activities faster.

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