Research Highlights H‑Wave As A Drug Free Alternative Pain Treatment

Extended Population Study Published on the Benefits of Home H‑Wave

A peer reviewed and highly indexed journal (including PubMed and Medline) published an article regarding the H‑Wave device entitled:

“The H‑Wave Small Muscle Fiber Stimulator, a nonpharmacologic alternative for the treatment of chronic soft-tissue injury and neuropathic pain: an extended population observational study”

The study analyzed the results of 6,774 patients that used home H‑Wave devices. 65% of participants reported a reduced or eliminated need for pain medication; 79% reported improved functional capacity or activity; and 78% reported 25% or greater reduction of pain.

All enrolled patients had previous physician-documented diagnosis of chronic soft-tissue injury or neuropathic pain in an upper or lower extremity or the spine that was unresponsive to conventional therapy.

Results of this expanded population study suggest the H‑Wave device can provide a potential first-line nonpharmacologic alternative to the treatment of common painful and inflammatory conditions. By reducing or eliminating the need for medication and restoring physical functioning, this novel approach may not only enhance the quality of life of any patients who suffer soft-tissue injuries and neuropathic pain, but it may also reduce the social and economic costs associated with these chronic pain syndromes.

Advances in Therapy. Volume 23 No. 5. September/October 2006