Statistical Outcome Study on the Benefits of H‑Wave is Published

Peer-Reviewed Study Focuses On H‑Wave’s Effects on Chronic Soft Tissue Inflammation & Pain

The journal Advances in Therapy has published an article entitled: “H‑Wave, a nonpharmacologic alternative for the treatment of patients with chronic soft tissue inflammation and neuropathic pain: A preliminary statistical outcome study.” The purpose of the study was to evaluate the H‑Wave device in patients with persistent pain associated with injuries or conditions affecting the upper or lower extremities or the back.

The study concludes that potential benefits of treatment include substantial pain relief, reduced medication requirements, and improved levels of function and activity, focusing on three different areas of the body:

1. Patients With Lower Extremity Pain



2. Patients With Upper Extremity Pain



3.  Patients With Back Pain


All patients had previously been treated with other analgesic modalities, including medications, physical therapy, and TENS, and all had attained inadequate pain relief. The study included 1,291 patients all of which had a baseline pain score >5 (out of 10) and had a history of previous pain therapy.

Advances in Therapy. May/June 2006. V23 N3. 446-455.