Taking Charge Of Chronic Pain

How H-Wave Puts the Power of Pain Relief Back in the Hands of Patients

H-Wave’s CEO, Ryan Heaney, was interviewed last winter by Orange Label’s Rochelle Reiter on their podcast The 19 – Healthcare which offers game changing insights into the healthcare industry.  This interview tackles the media-front discussion on the opioid epidemic, and how H-Wave’s unique technology offers an effective alternative treatment option to pain medications.

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The interview begins by noting the CDC’s ‘recently released’ study highlighting chronic pain.  This study indicates that approximately 1 in 12 people live with chronic pain that is so intense, it actually interferes with activities of daily life.  Chronic pain is also linked to emotional disorders such as anxiety and depression, as well as a higher risk for opioid dependence and an overall reduced quality of life. However, the solution isn’t always as easy as taking a pill. In fact, the CDC mentions the need for safer and more effective solutions for pain management. 

Part of the challenge when treating chronic pain is that patients can experience symptoms at any time of day, so the most readily available option would be the pain medications they have.  But the negative side effects that opioids and other pain medications cause make it a less than desirable long-term option.  Knowing these negative side effects makes it easy to advocate for the reduction in availability or reduced prescribing of these harmful medications.  However, without them the patient is left without a readily available and effective solution when their symptoms hit.  Heaney notes:

“If you want to take those drugs out of the patient’s hand, you’ve got to be able to put something IN their hand that they can use on-demand to get relief when and where they need it.”

So, if opioids are not a safe option for treating chronic pain, where can we turn for fast, effective non-addictive methods of treatment that are available 24/7?

This is exactly what the owners of H-Wave thought almost 40 years ago when they started the company.  Since then, H-Wave has been dedicated to solving America’s chronic pain problem with state-of-the-art technology to not only treat but target the root causes of pain and disability.  Today, H‑Wave is a trusted method for treating chronic pain among physicians, therapists and over 70 professional sports teams who have used the device over the last 4 decades.

Heaney describes his first experiences working for his family’s company and his succession to his current position.  The idea for the product stemmed from the thought of creating something different than the current paradigm for pain management. They discovered a need for a different type of treatment that was better, more effective, with no side effects, and something that the patient could control on their own schedule.

This is how H-Wave has become an empowering solution for patients to take control of their pain treatment and provides more than just temporary relief.  Most of the common e-stim products on the market today can only mask pain temporarily. Often times they don’t even work, and more specifically, they don’t provide any type of lasting relief or address the root cause of the pain.

Most often, at the root of pain and disability is an accumulation of waste and congestion; and the primary function and benefit of the H-Wave is to stimulate the lymphatic system to flush out that waste and stimulate the circulatory system to bring in nourishment.  It’s this dual-action process of moving “waste-out” and “nourishment-in” to the affected area that facilitates a faster recovery and gets rid of what’s so often at the origin of pain and limited function.

Although H-Wave does receive rave reviews by many patients, physicians and professional sports clients, the real focus is on objective and measurable results.  H-Wave continues to strive for the maximum benefit of the user by helping them achieve lasting pain relief, a decrease or elimination of pain medication and functional improvement.  There are even multiple published research studies to support the effectiveness of the H-Wave technology.

Find out how this interview concludes, and learn more about H-Wave by listening to the full podcast recording here.