The VA’s New “Solid Start” Program Has A Promising Outlook

The VA recently launched a new program called “Solid Start” to help Veterans transition from military life to civilian life within their first year out of the service.  The program creates a proactive outreach to increase the connection and communication between veterans and VA representatives, in order to promote awareness of VA benefits, services and other resources.

Veteran assistance

The differentiating factor about this program is that the VA representatives will be able to outline personalized VA benefits, services and resources that meet the individual needs of each veteran, based on having deep meaningful conversations and identifying each veteran’s specific goals and necessities.  Compared to simply having access to a website or list of ALL services available, which can seem daunting to try to understand, and overwhelming to navigate.

Additionally, one of their main goals is to emphasize that: “transitioning service members receive free mental health resources for up to a year, regardless of their discharge status or service history.” The VA wants to address any existing mental health issues since suicide rates are about 2x higher for veterans in their first year of military separation, than the overall veteran suicide rate.

The VA wants to be a solid partner to veterans and their families during their post-military lives.  They’re hoping the Solid Start program will help bridge that gap and ease the transition, as well as show a significant shift in how the VA services veterans.  Read more about the program here.