US Veteran Finds Portable Drug-Free Pain Management

Kathy served in the Navy for 10 years and is now a disabled veteran. She has been going to the VA for Rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis and chronic pain syndrome in her knee. Kathy is allergic to all pain medications and was having a difficult time managing her pain. “I’m 51 . . . . but sometimes with the pain, I feel like I’m 75.”

She tried numerous treatment options such as aqua therapy, heat therapy and a TENS unit which gave her temporary relief, but the pain always came back. Without long-lasting relief, she had significant limitations on her home therapy and physical therapy.

Her doctor suggested trying the H-Wave device and at first glance, Kathy thought it was just another TENS unit. However, she quickly realized that H-Wave was providing long-term pain relief for hours after the device was turned off, from just a 30-minute treatment session.  Thanks to this dramatic reduction in her pain, she says the H-Wave is like her best friend. “If I would have known about the H-Wave a long time ago I would not have been suffering like I have been all these years with the pain.”

Now that she’s found a solution she says “I’m kind of glad that I can’t take any kind of medications because my pain is so bad. There could have been a possibility that I could have been addicted to the pain medication or to the opiates.” H-Wave is a safe and effective modality that can reduce or replace pain medication and provides long-term, cumulative, rehabilitative benefits.

Unlike a lot of other treatment options, H-Wave is portable, and allows this veteran to travel and spend more time with her family. It also comes with unique service; an H-Wave representative works with each patient in-person to come up with a completely custom treatment plan. Since pain management is a continual process, unlimited follow-up care and consultations are included to ensure the best outcomes possible.

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