To continue helping those suffering at home, H-Wave is providing direct-to-patient delivery and one-on-one virtual instruction.

Is H-Wave available for home use?

Yes. Both the prescription H-Wave H4 device and the H-Wave OTC device are available for home use.  You can purchase either device here.

Why is H-Wave a better treatment option over pain medication?

Pain medications can become addictive, have severe side effects, are high in cost for on-going use, and lose effectiveness over time. In contrast, H-Wave is much more cost effective for long-term use, does not have side effects, and has cumulative benefits resulting in increased effectiveness the more it’s used.

Learn more about the negative impact pain medications can have on your recovery, and why drug-free pain treatment like H‑Wave is a viable alternative.

What type of injuries or conditions can the H-Wave be used for?

Your physician will be able to best determine if your current symptoms can benefit from use of the H-Wave. Please consult your physician regarding the specific area you are looking to treat, or your specific problem area, as they have a better understanding of your current condition and past medical history.

How does it work?

The H-Wave generates a mild signal that produces comfortable, non-fatiguing muscle contractions to improve circulation and lymphatic drainage, which is the basis for recovery.  It also has a second setting which generates a stronger signal that creates a profound analgesic effect, therefore providing hours of significant pain relief. You can read more here.

How long does the relief last?

Once the problem is under control, the amount of time between each treatment session usually increases. In the beginning, the frequency of treatment may vary from several times per day to several times per week, in order to keep symptoms sufficiently managed.

What type of results should you expect from using H-Wave?

Although each person may experience different results, most patients can receive significant benefits from just a 30 – 60 minute treatment session. Over 88% of patients increase function and/or decrease medication intake within the first 30 days of using home H-Wave. Additionally, studies have shown that 79% of H-Wave users reported functional improvements that made it possible to return to activities such as walking, lifting, and sleeping; 78% of H-Wave users report significant pain reduction, and 65% of users reduced or completely eliminated the need for pain medicine (Advances in Therapy 2006 Sept-Oct; 23(5): 739-49).

Is H-Wave different from a TENS unit?

Yes.  H-Wave not only provides more effective pain control than a TENS, but is also rehabilitative and can achieve long lasting benefits from just a 30 minute treatment – unlike a TENS, which stops working once the pads are off.  While TENS can temporarily mask pain, the relief doesn’t last, and the strength of the pain relief can’t compare to what H-Wave provides.  TENS also offers nothing as far as rehabilitative benefits for recovery.

How much does the H-Wave cost?

All of our products and pricing can be found on our STORE page.  We also offer affordable options to fit your budget including convenient payment plans, numerous discounts and rent-to-own programs. Contact us (link to contact page) to discuss available discounts if you are experiencing financial hardship.

Will my insurance company pay for the H-Wave?

If you’re currently involved in part of an open workers compensation claim, auto accident or personal injury claim, you may have insurance coverage for Home H-Wave.  If one of these 3 scenarios applies to you, please Contact Us.

If you’re a US veteran, we do have a national VA/FSS contract, so you may be able to obtain a Home H-Wave through your VA hospital or clinic.  Please call: 800-874-9283 ext. 1254 for more information.

Generally, PPOs, HMOs, Medicare, and other private insurance plans will not cover the cost of Home H‑Wave.  Therefore, we have affordable payment plans and discounts available if you want to self-pay.  You can do so through our online store by clicking HERE.

What scientific evidence and research supports H-Wave?

H-Wave has 4 separate FDA clearances with 15 different indications for use. There are also 15 peer reviewed published studies discussing H-Wave, 13 of which are indexed by PubMed, and 11 of which are indexed by MEDLINE. These studies can be found here and are available to clinicians upon request.

Is there any guarantee…what if the product doesn’t work once at home?

EWL has extensive outreach and support as well as on-going education and training to ensure successful outcomes. We back up every H-Wave with a 30-day money back guarantee: If noticeable results or improvement are not achieved after a month of use, the equipment can be returned and 100% of the charges (minus shipping and handling) will be refunded to the patient or insurance carrier, no questions asked.

Why do Physical Therapists use H-Wave?

Pain and other obstacles (ie: swelling, spasms, stiffness) faced in therapy often block the path to recovery. H-Wave unblocks that path allowing patients to focus on their active rehabilitation. By decreasing pain and improving range of motion, patients can progress with their therapy faster and more efficiently.

Learn more about how H-Wave can complement your current Physical Therapy Practice.

How can I get an H-Wave?

If you’re currently being treated by a physician for an injury, chronic pain or for recovery after surgery, you can request a prescription for an H-Wave directly from your physician. If you’re not currently treating with a physician, but would benefit from the rehabilitative and analgesic effects that H-Wave provides, you can purchase an H-Wave OTC directly from our webstore.

What are the Contraindications for using H-Wave?

You should not use H-Wave if you have an implanted cardiac demand pacemaker, defibrillator or other implanted electronic device. Do not use H-Wave if your pain syndromes are undiagnosed. Additionally, expectant mothers, people with cancer, or people with epilepsy or a history of seizures should not utilize electrical stimulators.

Will patients accommodate to the signal and stop seeing success?

H-Wave is not a pain-masking device and patients will not accommodate to our rehabilitative treatment. Patients will typically see cumulative results, in which more and more benefits are obtained over time.

How do I get more supplies for my H-Wave?

You can contact your H-Wave consultant to request supplies directly. Or you can contact a customer experience member via email at service@h‑ or by phone at 800-874-9283.