H-Wave is Proud to Celebrate it’s 40th Anniversary!

H-Wave mission statement

Over the last 40 years, H-Wave has been used on millions of patients and used at home by hundreds of thousands to relieve pain, reduce the use of medications, restore function, and get back to their lives!

Jim Heaney and partners started Electronic Waveform Lab, Inc in Long Beach, CA and launched the original H-Wave device in 1981. Without a lot of credentials, the small team had one plan – to ask clinicians for the toughest patients they had and for a chance to show what H-Wave could do. The results were spectacular, and word started to spread among practitioners in Southern California.

Dr. Frank Jobe from the renowned Kerlan-Jobe Orthopaedic Clinic introduced H-Wave to the LA Dodgers; which started the spread of H-Wave throughout the country’s pro sports training rooms. H-Wave quickly became and remains an invaluable tool relied upon by a large percentage of professional sports teams to keep their players in the game. Doctors, trainers, physical therapists, and chiropractors alike began to use H-Wave in their offices to treat a variety of acute and chronic musculoskeletal issues.

Logo Progression:

H-Wave logo evolution

In the early years, H-Wave and its clinicians spent a lot of time determining how to best use the technology and what different ailments could be helped. This led to some interesting uses for H-Wave. For years, H-Wave was used by equine trainers to help championship racehorses deal with the same injuries that athletes were using H-Wave for. H-Wave’s use on the TMJ area eventually led to intra-oral applications. After research at USC and UCLA schools of dentistry, H-Wave invented and launched electronic dental anesthesia. Thousands of H-Wave dental devices were sold around the world to help patients that didn’t want or couldn’t get traditional anesthesia.

In the 1990’s, H-Wave realized that a significant amount of patients suffered from chronic conditions and needed a solution that was easy and readily available night or day. This is when the business transitioned from capital sales to homecare. Since that time, physicians have been recommending Home H-Wave as a simple, effective, drug-free treatment to help manage chronic pain or recover from serious injuries and surgeries.

Device Evolution:

H-Wave device models

Over the last 40 years, H-Wave has come a long way from those early days. H-Wave has obtained six FDA clearances with 15 separate indications for use. There have been numerous peer-reviewed studies published on the benefits of H-Wave including more than 12 that are indexed by PubMed.gov. H-Wave is used by the most elite organizations and medical centers in the country. While the technology and device have evolved and the company’s systems and processes are state of the art, our one-on-one patient instruction and commitment to outcomes has remained a constant and the core of our business.

H-Wave remains veteran owned by the Heaney family, and products are assembled in our Huntington Beach, CA headquarters.  Our team is very talented and though it has grown quite large, we always remain committed to our core values of patient outcomes above all else, being passionate and all-in for our company, our customers, and what we get to do, and caring for customers and co-workers like family.

Team Growth:

H-Wave Team

We are ready and as excited as ever to continue growing and help even more patients live their best lives!