Important Telehealth Updates for Providers

telehealth for providers

DaisyBill recently published a webinar about telehealth for providers in California, however the information can be very valuable for providers in other states as well.

They reviewed the new telehealth rules and billing requirements for: Medicare, California Health Insurers, and California Workers’ Compensation.

The webinar explains details such as:

  1. What services are actually considered “telehealth services” and why
  2. What type of practitioners are considered “eligible providers” for telehealth services
  3. Requirements for location and telecommunications systems

You can watch the full 60-minute webinar and download the webinar slides for FREE on their site by clicking here.


DaisyBill also published a “cheat sheet” for Providers to help them navigate all of the important changes, rules and regulations regarding telehealth since COVID-19 has caused such rapid shifts in healthcare delivery.

You can find DaisyBill’s cheat sheet along with other telehealth resources here.


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