Pain Management for Veterans: Discover the Benefits of H-Wave

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has dramatically reduced the number of veterans with opioid prescriptions by 67% since 2012, highlighting a critical shift towards safer, non-addictive pain management solutions for veterans. H-Wave is a leading option for veterans seeking effective pain relief and pursuit of efficient muscle recovery without resorting to opioids.

Veteran meeting with doctor for pain management

What is H-Wave?

H-Wave is a non-invasive, electronic muscle-stimulation device designed to provide long-term pain relief and rehabilitation. Unlike traditional electrical stimulation devices, H-Wave offers a unique mechanism that targets both deep tissue healing and pain control by promoting lymphatic drainage and increasing circulation. This dual-action approach can help in effectively managing chronic pain, reducing the need for medications, and aiding in the recovery process.

Aligning with the VA’s Whole Health Approach

The VA’s adoption of a Whole Health approach to Veteran-centered pain care emphasizes treating the Veteran as a whole person. This methodology aligns perfectly with the evidence-based treatment that H-Wave embodies, which not only addresses pain relief but also contributes to overall well-being through improved mobility and function. The device’s capacity to support self-management with at-home, on-demand treatments and reduce reliance on pharmaceutical interventions complements the VA’s initiative to provide a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to pain management.

Supporting Veterans’ Recovery and Pain Management

Incorporating H-Wave into pain management protocols offers a viable solution to one of the most pressing challenges faced by more than a third of Veterans using VA services: living with chronic pain. By facilitating non-pharmacological pain relief and muscle rehabilitation, H-Wave can play a pivotal role in the VA’s ongoing efforts to ensure Veterans lead full, meaningful, and pain-free lives. Its application can be particularly beneficial for Veterans looking to reduce their opioid intake or those seeking alternative therapies for pain management and recovery.

Contributing to the Reduction of Opioid Dependency

The significant reduction in opioid prescriptions, along with the decrease in patients receiving high doses of opioids as reported by the VA, underscores the importance of alternative pain management strategies. H-Wave’s potential to provide effective pain relief without the risk of addiction further supports the VA’s Opioid Safety Initiative (OSI) goals. Since 2012, the VA has also reduced the number of patients receiving opioids and benzodiazepines by 90%. By integrating H-Wave into the pain management arsenal, the VA can continue to advance its mission to offer safer, more effective pain management options to Veterans.

John Wade, US Army Veteran speaks on his experience using H-Wave.

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