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Breaking the Ice: The Future of Pain Management

January 2, 2024

In the landscape of pain management, individuals grappling with chronic pain or recovering from a recent surgery are often on the lookout for solutions that go beyond conventional approaches, such […]

Solving the Opioid Dilemma: H-Wave for Effective Pain Relief

December 13, 2023

Solving the opioid dilemma in a world where pain management often leads to the use of opioids is imperative for a safer and healthier future. As we navigate the challenges […]

Managing Low Back Pain Post-Surgery

December 4, 2023

Chronic pain patients, surgery patients, and physicians unfamiliar with H-Wave can benefit greatly from understanding the capabilities of the H-Wave unit. In this blog post, we will explore how the […]

The Role of Nutrition in Chronic Pain Management

November 22, 2023

Living with chronic pain or recovering from surgery can be a challenging journey, often leaving individuals feeling a loss of control over their own well-being. In this blog post, Dr. […]

Your Solution to Knee Pain on Road Trips

November 14, 2023

Are you one of the many individuals who experience knee pain during long road trips? We’ve all been there, enduring that uncomfortable twinge in our knees while behind the wheel […]

Are Biochemical Biomarkers Associated with Musculoskeletal Pain?

September 8, 2022

A recent study published in the Journal of Pain Research attempts to determine if biochemical biomarkers can “provide insight into musculoskeletal pain reported at individual or multiple body sites.”  Their […]

Simple Tips to Improve Poor Blood Circulation

August 24, 2022

Poor blood circulation can affect your whole body leading to symptoms like tingling and numbness in your extremities as well as pain, muscle cramps, digestive issues, swelling in the feet […]

Non-Opioid Postoperative Pain Management Alternatives

August 15, 2022

Postoperative pain management after surgical procedures requires medical professionals to balance the risks of opioid abuse with the goal of lessening patient pain and discomfort. This has caused many doctors […]

Spine Surgeon Using AI To Predict Post-Op Pain Management

August 3, 2022

This article from Becker’s Spine Review outlines what spine surgeon Corey Walker, MD is doing with artificial intelligence in collaboration with Cedars-Sinai Department of Computational Biomedicine.  Historically, a patient’s range […]

4 Sleep Stages: Understanding What Your Mind & Body Go Through At Night

July 14, 2022

Ever wonder what your mind goes through when you sleep?  There’s actually a lot more going on that you would think. Out of the four different sleep stages, three consist […]